Fast Business General Features




Multi-unit/company data management

  • Allows 2 models to work: Database is centralized at head offices or decentralized at units.
  • Centralized model: Users access via the Internet. Software processes data very fast and that allows to work smoothly via the Internet.
  • Decentralized model: Copy data from units to parent company periodically

System access and security

  • In addition of security access by requiring a user login and password, the program allows to active the two factor authentication also to improve the security of the system.
  • Access restrictions can be applied to users or user groups
  • Access restrictions can be applied to menus, individual fields, and processing actions.
  • Data fields can be set to invisible, read-only, or read-write enable
  • Access restrictions applied to actions in transaction screens: view, add new, edit, delete, print, approve.
  • Access restrictions applied to actions in master files: view, add new, edit, delete
  • Access restriction can be applied to each specific user by data unit/company: view, add new, edit, delete in detail.

Master/list file management

  • Allows users to arrange, adjust input information, display and lookup information. Allows users to look up master files in different ways while inputting data.
  • Access authorization to items by data unit/company
  • Control item status: Active/Inactive
  • Tool for code changing or merging in all incurred data.
  • User-defined fields available for additional specific management requirements
  • Data in master files can be easily filtered/grouped in different ways to support in data analyzing.
  • Allows to drag and drop while grouping
  • Output Excel files by a shortcut

Transaction and voucher processing

  • Display transaction process on screen
  • Manage status of each transaction, voucher
  • Multi-level approving according voucher status and position of approval person
  • Allow to approve sequential or parallel for each vouchers
  • Transfer straightly data from specific module to others without waiting for approval or moving to another module “on holding” status
  • Establish/define process/data flow of vouchers and transactions
  • Define new, add/remove different transaction codes according to specific requirements
  • Define numbering voucher method; allows/not allows duplicate number of vouchers
  • Automatically real-time/instant update account balances, item inventory…
  • Check instant inventory; credit limit… to allow/hold transactions.
  • Add/Remove user-defined fields as list form, number field, date field or note field at master information part or detailed information of vouchers. Allows users to self – defined positions, formats, name of these blank fields.
  • Many utilities to look up data during data entry
  • Import data from Excel files
  • Copy and paste data directly between Excel and program
  • Re-arrange line order in vouchers.
  • Keep track of transactions: Created/Modified/Deleted time, Created/ Modified/ Deleted by


  • Multi-period data report
  • Reports comparing multi–period or the same period of different years.
  • Provides utilities to view/print reports
  • Show data report in chart form
  • Quick report in user-defined format
  • Reports exported to Microsoft Excel, Word, text, or HTLM files
  • Allow users to edit filter conditions or define formula in some reports
  • Drill-down feature allows users to read detailed data or view original voucher while viewing summary report. Modification of original voucher is possible for authorized users.

Data analysis tool – Fast Analytics

  • Allow to analyze data in simple multi – dimensional method by using drag – drop technique.
  • Fast processing speed, instantly after changing the way of viewing
  • Show data in tables, charts
  • Useful for summarizing analysis of previous activities and planning for the next time

Other features

  • Notify feature: Allow to inform jobs to related persons (can be voucher, proposals which need to be approved, to do tasks and other internal notices…)
  • Features of regular report mailing: Allow to define reports which need to be sent by email by weekly/ daily/ monthly basis to the authorized users.
  • Dashboard feature: Allow users to quickly view the general report in term of business status, affiliated units by searching, sorting out, arranging information and accounting databases by date/week/month/quarter/year, support users to getting fully accurate information on time
  • Calendar feature: Allow to update/share jobs/events, receive job assignments from high–level ones and assign to low–level ones, track/supervise the implementation of the working plan.
  • Chat feature: Allows users to communicate and chat to increase interaction when using of the program, as well as in daily tasks.
  • Post feature: Allow users to share public information/documents, then discuss and feedback directly on the program.

Multi–currency and dual-base currency management

  • Base currency options: VND or any foreign currency
  • Input transactions and prepare reports in transaction currencies.
  • Options for book rate method: Monthly average/Average/FIFO/Specific.
  • Select input data mode of exchanging to base currency or two-base currency (to exchange and present 2 base currencies while inputting data)

Languages of interface and reports

  • Vietnamese or English interface
  • Japanese & Chinese interfaces available
  • Users can define terms and translate to any language on data entry screens

Technology and working environment

Fast Business provides both Window–based and Web–based version.


  • Window 10/8/7, XP… workstation
  • Database: SQL Server
  • Programming languages: Microsoft Visual Studio.Net, ASP.NET/Ajax
  • Reporting tool: Crystal Report
  • Software structure: 3–tier
  • Network: LAN, WAN.


  • Window 10/8/7… with browsers: IE, FireFox, Chrome, Safari, Opera… workstation
  • Database: SQL Server
  • Programming languages: ASP.NET/Ajax
  • Reporting tool: Crystal Report
  • Software structure: 3–tier
  • Network: LAN, WAN
  • Security: According to SSL security requirements.



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