Fast Business 5 reasons why to choose ERP Fast Business solution





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1. Comprehensive solution

Fast Business is a comprehensive ERP solution, which covers most of tasks of functional departments: from finance and accounting, sales – purchase – inventory ones to manufacturing, human resource and customer relationship.

2. Working by process and workflow

Through Fast Business, all of business activities can be conducted by process and workflow not only within a specific department but pass through departments. This solution allows for tracking work status of each specific business activity: which stage has finished, how many tasks have done in compare with requirements, orders and deadlines…

3. Supporting in decision–making

Fast Business contains reports in quick data queries and integrated multi-dimensional data analysis. Fast Business provides OLAP tool (Fast Analytics) for analyzing data that support users to exploit them easily. The information will support your business in making decisions about not only daily business management but analyzing results and planning for upcoming time.

4. Working anywhere, anytime

Fast Business allows users to work, access database via the Internet (computer, laptop, tablet, mobile phone) through just 3G connection.

5. Strong Brand

FAST is a company specialized in developing and application consulting solutions and software supporting businesses with over 25 years of experience, has been serving solutions and software for more than 38.000 businesses nationwide with over 2.200 ones using Fast Business included. FAST was given the prestigious awards such as: BIT Cup (voted by users), Sao Khue by VINASA (Vietnam Software Association), IT Cup by Ho Chi Minh City Department of Information and Communication….

FAST has 3 offices located in Ha Noi, Ho Chi Minh and Da Nang.

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