Fast Business Solution Overview




In 2004, FAST released Fast Business – ERP Solution for medium and large size businesses.

Over 25 years of experience, there are more than 2.200 medium and large size businesses, operating in many different industries and fields using Fast Business. Fast Business has been awarded many of the prestigious title was awarded by Vietnam Software and IT Services Association, Vietnam Software and IT Services Association, HCMCity ICT Department , VNPT Group and Vietnam Television…, includes:

  • Sao Khue Award for Prospect solution.
  • The best IT software solution – BIT CUP.
  • Sao Khue Award for the best software.
  • “Nhan Tai Dat Viet” Award for the sucesses software.

Main modules of Fast Business

  1. Fast Manager: Dashboard for managers.
  2. Fast Analytics: Online, multi–dimensional processing, analyzing data tool.
  3. Fast CRM – Customer Relationship Management: Customers’ information, customer analysis and transactions…
  4. Fast Sales – Sales Management: Quotation, orders, delivery, invoicing, sales analysis reports…
  5. Fast DMS – Distribution Management System:Tracking business situation of distributors, agencies and stores in detail…
  6. Fast Purchasing – Purchasing Management: Requisition, demands planning, supplier selection, contract/order, receiving, QC…
  7. Fast Inventory – Inventory Management: Managing by location, lots, units, low-moving items analysis, actual inventory look-up, ordered inventory, and on road inventory…
  8. Fast Financial – Finance and Accounting Management: GL, Cash, AR, AP, Inventory, Fixed Asset, Tools & Supplies, Made-to-stock costing, Made-to-order costing, projects and constructions costing, investor accounting, financial reports, budgeting, tax reports…
  9. Fast Manufacturing – Production Management: MPS, MRP, manufacturing planning, needs of material, capacity planning, shop-floor control…
  10. Fast HRM – Human Resource, Timekeeping and Payroll Management: Employees’ information, recruitment, training, performance review, timekeeping, payrolls, Personal Income Tax, Social Insurance, Health Insurance…
  11. Fast e-Invoice – Electronic invoicing solution: Invoicing, sending to customers, store, search and reports.
  12. Fast iConnect Connect to other devices and apps: E-Banking, POS, Barcode, QRcodes, Truck scale software…

Benefits from Fast Business

  • Shortening information distance

There are limitations in manual transaction on information by papers, oral transaction or by single tools. Because of multi – step transactions, information can be changed that leads to the inaccuracy of decision – making.

Fast Business provides smooth flow of information within enterprises, immediately transfers information to final destinations without intermediaries. Managers, Executives, Accountants… can get not only accurate but multi-dimension information by a mouse “click”. No distance, instantly.

  • A comprehensive management

Fast Business is not separate modules for each department but a comprehensive integrated solution from input to output. Managers can view reports from all processes and relationship between related input and output.

Fast Business provides an overview about debts, finance status, inventory, cash flow… that supports Executive Board in decision–making.

  • Processing complex requirements

Managing production process, calculating products cost with complex BOM, multi-steps…

Controlling policies of price, discount, promotion, debts and credit limit.

Managing purchasing process from requisition and its approving, quotation collection, supplier selection, receiving to payment, return to suppliers.

  • Saving resources

Fast Business provides information quickly and accurately leading to make timely solutions and avoid risks from incorrect information.

Controlling business processes and saving resources to reduce product cost and unexpected expense.

Saving cost from reinvestment in the future for software that meets new requirements.


Essential features of Fast Business

  • Supporting business management

Management by planning: Enterprises can manage by planning about budget of expenses or investment, delivery, receiving plan, master production plan or plan for order, MRP, debts collection plan and payment for suppliers, … Fast Business provides warning functions of under reorder point of inventory and debt dues. Management by planning supports in proactive administration and adjustment.

Management by process: Main activities in business such as purchasing, sales or production are all integrated in Fast Business. This function allows users to report both status of each specific step of process and possible action to take corresponding to each status. Management by process supports managers at all departments in ability to capture information on being step and its status of each recent activities without making calls or working face to face. This way of management supports for not only providing customer services and working with partners quickly but reducing repeated information coming from previous information inheritance.

Financial analysis report system: Analyze financial criteria and structure, compare criteria and structure by plan, compare with other companies and in the same industry.

Multi–period management report system: Fast Business allows to conduct reporting periods of years or consecutive periods easily and supporting managers in comparison and evaluation business activities by time.

Multi-unit management report system: Fast Business allows to conduct detailed or summary reports by each specific business unit, branch, store, unit group or the whole Corporation/Group.

  • Fine tuning and openness

Ability to fine tuning: Fast Business provides utilities to fine tuning parameters for management requirements from adding/removing information fields need to manage, reporting situations and actions of each specific step to editing data screens, creating/deleting reports, menu system…

Ability to import data, connect to equipments: Fast Business allows users to import data from common types of data files such as Excel, txt, dbf, access, sql…or track data directly from barcode readers, timekeeping machines, weighing scales…

Ability to export data: Fast Business allows to export data to common formatted data files such as Excel, word, HTML, PDF… and create emails with available content and attached files.

Ability to select and upgrade modules on demand: Fast Business is organized on modules base. Customers can select necessary modules first then implement the remaining modules following business development and extension.

Ability to customize for requirements: FAST can customize software suitable for specific requirements.

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